Unga Klara On Tour

Unga Klara is out on their first national and world tour – UNGA KLARA ON TOUR

We have created 40 different symbols/ornaments/patterns that are combined in different ways and together form a rich graphic bank that shows Unga Klara’s width and the desire to communicate to many different people, beyond homogeneity.

The Visual Identity is an extension of Unga Klara’s activities as well as the permanent visual identity. It symbolizes stardust, speed lines and eclectic tracks that the theater leaves behind in the places they visit. Unga Klara is on its way out into the world in different forms and directions.

Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_1 Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_3 Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_4 Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_5 Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_6 Parasto_Backman_Unga_Klara_On_Tour_7