Nya Kompisbyrån

New visual identity for Nya Kompisbyrån (NKB). NKB’s activities enable integration through meetings of various kinds, and this is the starting point for the new visual identity. In other words, the shapes reflects meetings.

Instead of showing physical people who meet, we have chosen to work with different graphic forms that represent the meeting. These graphic forms are taken from Nya Kompisbyrån’s activities, areas such as meeting for a coffee, sports, dinner, languages, etc. We have, for example, taken shapes from cakes and sweets from Sweden but also from other parts of the world. Then we let these shapes meet and then we highlight/mark the area where the shapes merge. These imaginative forms are then mixed with more abstract formations. The logo and NKB symbol also reflect meetings. The symbol highlights/marks the areas where the letters meet, the marking becomes the dot above the letter Å. A visual interpretation of Nya Kompisbyrån.

Parasto_Backman_2_NKB_Affischer Parasto_Backman_4_NKB_Hemsida Parasto_Backman_3_NKB_Visitkort Parasto_Backman_5_NKB_Instagram-2 Parasto_Backman_6_NKB_formert Parasto_Backman_7_NKB_Logo-