Konstringar is a declaration of love for the possibilities of art to ask difficult questions and formulate the stories of our time. The book intends to make contemporary art accessible so that it reaches far beyond the art world. 
The curator and writer Maria Lind has selected 20 pieces of art/case studies. These are divided into 4 different themes/circles; abstraction, handprint, reporting and together.
The graphic design frames the art pieces and provides, in the margins, an alternative to the white cube. The shapes are derived from craftsmanship, for example from handmade wallpapers, porcelain, carpets and more. Each circle has an ornamented corner and a specific heading font, as a marker for which circle it belongs to.
Client: the publishing house Natur och Kultur
Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_0-1 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_0-2 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_1 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_2-2 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_3 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_4 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_5 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_6 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_7 Studio_Parasto_Backman_Konstringar_8