I Like It Like It Was

A film about the group Midi Maxi Efti, icons of the 90′s.
Directors: Parasto Backman, Farnaz Arbabi. Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius. Associated Producers from Story: David Aronowitsch and Göran Olsson.
Supported by Swedish Film Institute and Film Stockholm.

I Like it Like it Was premiered at Göteborg International Film Festival, January 2011.


i_like_it_like_it_was-01 i_like_it_like_it_was-02 i_like_it_like_it_was-03 i_like_it_like_it_was-04 i_like_it_like_it_was-05 i_like_it_like_it_was-06 i_like_it_like_it_was-07 i_like_it_like_it_was-08 Story