Kosmologiska Pilar

The exhibition Cosmological Arrows (Kosmopoliska Pilar) brings together thirteen contemporary artists who use science fiction and space to ask central questions about human existence and how we treat the world we live in. The artworks highlight ideas and visions that move freely between subjects such as astronomy, the environment, genus, colonization, futurism and artificial intelligence.

Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_2 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_3 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_6 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_4 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_5 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_7 Parasto_Backman_Kosmologiska_Pilar_8